Beyond Our Eyes

2009-11-04 22:44:02 by Deathcalypse

Recorded a new song lately called "Breathe," which you can purchase for $0.99 here!

New solo album "Under Control" is available now! You can purchase it here! Check out my website for more information.

Beyond Our Eyes


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2010-01-15 07:50:15

Well what kind of talents do you require in your search for collab partners then ? :P

Deathcalypse responds:

Heh anything. Synths, drums, guitar, anything.


2010-01-23 10:04:41

Dude, im all in if u need some to collaborate with. I play guitar, bass, program drums (also play in real life). in some cases i can do some vox :D. PM if u r interrested ---> and ill send u some of my newer/better shit that i haven't uploaded here on NG. hope to hear from ya soon, later


2010-02-11 15:41:27

Your myspace Rock Hard man! Keep it up !!


2010-02-15 23:23:24

Is that a strat or a schecter? Also sweet picture and music too, of course.

Deathcalypse responds:



2010-02-19 15:52:53

Haha I play a strat too. Fenderr is still the shit.