As We Break (Previously With Man Comes Massacre)

2010-03-15 17:53:43 by Deathcalypse

Chris (With Man Comes Massacre drummer) and I have gotten the chance to meet up, finaly. After some talking, we have decided to leave With Man Comes Massacre behind and start something "entirely" new and twice as kick-ass.

We have a new direction, new expectations, and new methods. We may plan to record an EP album, in which we will push ourselves much farther than we have in our previous "Eyes Sewn Open EP" album we released last year. Expect some melodic synths, powerful breakdowns, sexy riffs, and perhaps some other new things. :) Stay tuned for more information!

We are "As We Break," and you cannot stop the metal!

- Zach

As We Break (Previously With Man Comes Massacre)


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2010-04-17 15:26:07

I like the sounds of this . Also the picture is pretty cool.


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